Britcar Endurance Series

Newbridge Motorsport compete across the Britcar series.


25th March

Silverstone GP R1

22nd April

Silverstone International R2

27th May

Oulton Park R3

24th June

Silverstone GP R4

16th September

Snetterton 300 R5

14th October

Donington GP R6

Britcar is the home of endurance racing in the UK, combining a professional approach and a friendly paddock atmosphere. They strive to offer a warm and welcoming environment for drivers while ensuring a top-quality racing experience, and Newbridge Motorsport has proudly played a part in their series for some time now.

They have developed a stellar reputation as a top pool for racing talent, with successive Britcar Endurance champions in recent years going on to further success in the European Le Mans Series. With success like this, it’s no surprise to see it proving endurance racing as a highly viable career option with genuine prospects.

2019 promises to take the Endurance Championship’s competitiveness up a gear, with tweaks to the regulations looking to enhance the competition levels while further ensuring a balanced playing field across the classes. This, along with their driver re-classifications into Professional, Pro-Am and Gentlemen categories, guarantees that the key difference-maker this year will be skill.

Britcar also go to great lengths to accurately classify their cars in ways that many multiclass championships don’t, factoring in variables such as additional tech enhancements to ensure a vehicle is classified accurately from the start to avoid any midseason class shifts.

It’s hard to look past Britcar when considering great endurance championships, with their efforts to allow cars and their drivers to really make the difference setting them apart from the pack. If you’re looking for a complete, fair and classic championship experience with pedigree and prospects, why not take on Britcar with Newbridge Motorsport and make a real statement.

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