Race Preparation

Race Car Preparation

When you want to ensure your car is ready to perform at its absolute peak

Race Preparation

When you want to ensure your car is ready to perform at its absolute peak, Newbridge Motorsport are specialists in endurance racing for all your key race preparation needs.

Endurance racing prep requires the finest attention to detail. With our support, everything will be taken care of, leaving you to focus on your race with complete confidence in your vehicle.

New Build and Restoration

Newbridge Motorsport can build a race car to any specification which is compliant to championships and FIA regulations.

A typical new car build would include:

  • full strip from road car to bare shell
  • removing interior trim, seats, wiring and sound deadening pads
  • preparation for roll-cage fitting
  • full paintwork inside and out
  • seat mounting fitting, design and manufacture of all specialist brackets
  • full assembly of all panels and parts to construct finished race car including graphics.

The customer can supply the donor vehicle or Newbridge Motorsport will source one using their trade contacts. Cars can be built to any championship regulations. We also have a record of delivering quality restorations and rebuilds to original specification or alternatively we are able to enhance your vehicle with the latest upgrades to deliver race winning cars.

Data Engineering, Installation and Management

Our experience with the design and Installation of in car video and data devices deliver the very best in driver and vehicle performance information.

Data-logging systems come in many forms and on a number of platforms.

But what does data-logging actually do? Data-logging allows you to visualize your driving. Through the many channels of data it collects, the system allows you to see  graphically  how much speed you carry into a bend, whether a change in technique on a particular lap helped or hindered, or if your throttle application is smooth and efficient. Most systems let you overlay multiple laps so you can distinguish between different cornering methods, car setups and the exact amount of time lost or gained. The system you use, and the amount of money you are willing to invest for all the various sensors available, determines how many channels of information are available to you — from a simple speed-trace to damper travel, ride heights and even onboard video that syncs to the data. Obviously the more information you have, the better, but the most often used items are speed, RPM, steering, throttle and brake pressure traces and the cumulative time (to see if you are faster or slower between laps).

Having all these channels is awesome, but the benefit comes from how you read the data.  Newbridge experienced engineers and our driver coaches can translate the delivered data into on-track gains.

Racecar Setup

  • Newbridge has invested in getting the best equipment to deliver results on the track. Our racecar preparation services include: a range of services from revised geometry settings for the track day enthusiast through to full vehicle dynamic analysis for race applications
  • The Teams experience of many successful racing campaigns backed by our highly trained technicians and engineers will optimise the handling of your racecar.
  • we use a variety of specialist tools to understand and adjust the set up to give optimum performance

Flat patch set up

As the name suggests the ‘flat patch’ provides an area that is 100 per cent level. This is necessary to achieve accurate set ups. When you make the smallest of changes to the dampers that in turn has an effect on the ride height, which also affects the geometry and weight distribution of the car. It is therefore vital that in order for your car to be balanced, all parameters are checked and adjusted together. An engineer can only apply this knowledge after gaining hundreds of hours of experience as every model of car has different characteristics.

Corner weighting

Electronic scales on the flat patch lie under each wheel. These provide accurate readings of each corner weight of the vehicle so technicians can check that it’s correctly balanced. To re-adjust the balance of the car, technicians alter the damper platform height of each corner to amend the ride height and re-distribute the weight.

Damper/spring testing

Dampers control the movement of the wheels with respect to the road surface and this determines some of the force on the tyre, contact patches and the amount of grip the tyre generates. Dampers, as well as the springs and anti-roll bars, also control the movement of the chassis with respect to the wheels as the chassis rolls; so the dampers have a critical influence on the ultimate grip generated by the car and also on how the car feels to the driver. Newbridge offers a variety of different dampers depending on the application and budget. We then use these adjustable dampers and create a bespoke set up for your car and driving preferences

Mechanical checks and service

  • We have a menu of services available to customers who own their own racing and competition cars, including transportation of cars, transportation of  equipment to events and race event personnel support on different levels. This can range from supplying one mechanic to assist with the running of a car, up to the provision of a full racing team and pit equipment including an experienced Team Manager and Race Engineer.We provide these services to customers in a variety of racing disciplines. Our mainstream race team has been competing at a very high level in both national and International championships both in endurance and sprint events over many years.We also offer stand-alone workshop services, usually charged on an hourly-rate basis, which include suspension, car set-up, general competition car preparation /maintenance, bespoke work according to individual requirements. As well as working on existing vehicles, we have also been commissioned to build new racing cars to customers’ specifications, from bare shell preparation right through to the finished ready-to-race product.

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