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The academy’s structure

The Academy caters for drivers of all abilities and is designed to deliver a focused and structured framework of activities for divers to develop their motorsport careers.

The academy’s structured framework delivers individual driver programmes designed to deliver results against agreed individual objectives.


  • Gain the competitive advantage
  • To become a better driver
  • Progress the motorsport ladder
  • Develop a professional career



Newbridge Motorsport recognises that the most important component of any vehicle is the driver. The driver fitness programme focus is on optimising driver and team members’ human performance.

Driver physical fitness and mental conditioning is a crucial race winning element regardless of the championship being contested and your level of accomplishment behind the wheel.

At Newbridge Motorsport we have developed a programme available to all drivers who want to improve their physical performance to gain that competitive advantage. This service is delivered by our fitness partners who have the facilities, systems, qualifications and most importantly experience of working with sporting professionals, to help you achieve your goals.


The Newbridge Motorsport fitness programme starts with a complete and accurate assessment of key fitness parameters. This is the starting point for all of our packages and gives a driver a complete understanding of their current performance level.

Our fitness facilities include state of the art technology, so we can offer complete Boditrax Biometric testing and assessment to provide you with a greater understanding of your body’s health and your physical make up.

The structured programme offers ongoing monitoring  and assessment of  individuals’  progress. This includes equipping trainees with the clinically accurate MyZone heart rate training technology. This allows us to monitor and support your training progress remotely and sets goals for you to achieve where ever you are. It’s this ability to engage with our programme where ever you and our ability to support you 24/7 that helps us guarantee results.

Achieving results is what we are all about and each month we will provide reviews of your progress.


Our comprehensive fitness programme includes the following:

  • Base line physical testing and body analysis
  • One to one consultations and training
  • Personalised training programme and progressive training system that allows you to develop where ever you are in the world.
  • MyZone heart rate technology and training protocols
  • *** monthly*** check ins and progress monitoring.
  • *** monthly*** group training and challenge opportunities.
  • Ongoing one to one support for further development.


To eat is necessity, but to eat intelligently is both an art and a science. We all know that we need to eat well to achieve great health, performance and body composition; but what exactly is eating well and how can you learn to eat well for the rest for life.

Nutrition Programme

  • 12 week personal coaching course
  • Detailed start and end point assessments
  • Online food diary to monitor progress
  • Weekly interaction with your nutrition coach
  • Training material and use of body composition analyser
    Our human performance coaches will teach you the art and science of eating well; focusing on the acquisition of eight simple but highly effective habits that ensure you achieve your individual goals, including weight management and fat loss, building muscle, increasing energy levels and fuelling for sport and exercise.

Customised Hydration

A customised hydration assessment  provides data for us to understand  a drivers sweat sodium losses and therefore devise a suitable replacement strategy. It is highly recommended for anyone competing in a hot environment or Endurance.

Benefits of customised hydration

  • Greater endurance
  • Reduced cramping
  • Better coordination, reaction and responses


Physiological Monitoring and Analysis

The Newbridge Motorsport Human Performance program offers physiological analysis of your performance to measure output, track your progress and maintain precision in your training and preparation. Our innovative wearable heart rate-based system uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity regardless of geographical location.

Our heart rate monitor delivers a fully connected solution for anyone who wants an accurate (equivalent to an ECG at 99.4%)

Our heart rate and fitness technology monitors, heart rate, calories and time exercising which convert into effort Points , with a focus on rewarding effort relative to fitness levels.



The Newbridge Motorsport driver skills programme is available for all drivers interested in improving individual performance to gain the competitive advantage

Newbridge Motorsport recognises that the most important component of any vehicle is the driver.

Newbridge Motorsports driver skills services are delivered by experienced professionals with a combination of engineering and world championship race experience

With state-of-the-art facilities and bespoke training technology, our driver coaches work exclusively on your driving performance.

By identifying the key developmental areas, we can create individualised training programmes for short term success and long-term career results.


Or Initial Driver skills assessment is 3 hours of Simulator time with one of our driver coaches

The driver’s current ability level will be assessed and areas for potential improvement identified.

During the Simulator assessment, the driver will be measured on their

  • Simulator familiarisation
  • Race runs
  • Qualifying runs
  • Analysis of technique
  • Driver tuition and data overlay
  • Post session report with suggested key areas to work on throughout racing season



It is important to understand that improvement in performance doesn’t always come from more mileage; it comes from learning and practicing the right skills so that they can be executed at the right time, in the right way and under pressure.

Practising the wrong techniques or skills simply embeds bad practice and significantly reduces the chance of success.

By identifying the key developmental areas, we will create individualised training programmes for short term success and long term career results.


In order to maximise performance and results, structured testing at UK and European circuits is available.

(Just like any sport you need an affective training programme if you are to maximise performance,  for obvious reasons testing is necessary and is part of the drivers overall training programme– it’s the time in which we have the opportunity to learn about our driving, the car and circuit ).

Be prepared have a plan

You should never arrive at the track, just to do some laps, this will lead to an ineffective use of track time and less improvement than you might hope to see.

Typical objectives of a test day will include the following:

  • Learn the circuit
  • Work on driving technique
  • Test mechanical parts
  • Work on setup
  • Preparing for a race weekend

Working with the Newbridge Motorsport team of engineers, driver coaches and mechanics each test session will be analysed to ensure we deliver agreed testing objectives to maximise performance and competitiveness.

Structured  progression

  • Radical SR1
  • Radical SR3
  • GT4
  • GT3
  • LMP3
  • LMP2

Structured  Car Progression

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