Newbridge Motorsport joins the 750MC action at Silverstone with Fareed Ali

Newbridge Motorsport took the opportunity to join the 750MC at Silverstone at the weekend (19-20 August, 2017) along with race driver Dr. Fareed Ali, who is no stranger to the Porsche Cayman GT4.

Fareed took the chance for some additional driver instruction from British race veteran Kelvin Burt and then it was then straight into the race weekend with first the Cartek Roadsports race. With a grid of an impressive 40 cars, Fareed battled hard and finished 25th ahead of the 2H Cartek Club Enduro. The second race saw Fareed running as high as third from 27th position in the grid before ultimately finishing a strong seventh.

Fareed Ali
"I'm thrilled to have completed the most enjoyable and satisfying race weekend of my short career to date. Richard Tovey and the entire Newbridge team provided their usual top-level service and support for our first experience racing in the 750 Motor Club with our Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport.

"We competed at the Silverstone International Circuit in the 45-minute Roadsports race on Saturday and the two-hour Club Enduro race on Sunday. We also had Thursday and Friday test sessions which were highlighted by expert in-car and data coaching with former F3 Champion Kelvin Burt. I was very pleased to see my skills improve and lap times fall with each successive session – I can't thank you enough Kelvin!

"It was valuable and enjoyable to gain experience negotiating the heavy traffic and variable car speeds and driving skills in the 40+ car field. I was very satisfied to finish in P20 overall in the Roadsports race.

"The highlight of that race was my first standing start. Sitting on the crowded grid with the time ticking down to lights-out I could not help but think 'is this a good idea? So many things can go wrong here!'. But the real thrills were to be found in the two-hour Club Enduro race. I qualified P27 and after my mediocre start, fell down into the 30s. But after a few laps, I fell into that proverbial 'zone' where I was able to stop overthinking about all the technical aspects I had been working on all week, and just began to enjoy driving consistent and fast laps.

"I received great support from the team engineers over the radio. I set my fastest lap of the entire weekend, and by the time we made a late pitstop, I was up to P3. I assumed that after my pitstop most of the field will end up passing me. But after a few laps I got the surprising and welcome news from the team that I was still up in P10. The final stages of the race were very enjoyable as the intensity of the driving increased, and a P7 finish concluded a thoroughly successful race weekend for myself and the entire team!"

Richard Tovey, team principal
"It was all about getting some good solid track time for Fareed and to make sure he's comfortable on these track day Michelin tyres. He worked well with Kelvin and that showed in both races, especially in the second where he made great progress and bettered his own personal best lap time by over a second. He was buzzing after both races, so it was a case of mission accomplished."

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